Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs on trading with APM Bullion

APM is a premier Precious Metals retailer offering a wide selection of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium products at competitive prices. With an extensive inventory that includes everything from coins and rounds to bars and ingots, APM Bullion makes it easy to find the perfect Precious Metals product to fit your individual needs.
APM provides a wide range of precious metal products and services, including but not limited to:

• Selling gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars, coins and rounds
• Offering storage options for gold, silver, platinum and palladium products
• Providing a wide range of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and rounds for purchase
• Providing live gold, silver, platinum and palladium prices
Buy bullion bars and coins through a reputable dealer.
Both are good investments, but gold has a bigger liquid market, driven by investment and the demand for jewelry. Also, the price of gold is less volatile than that of silver. Of course, the main benefit of silver is that it is much cheaper than gold, making it more accessible to small investors.
Bullion coins are liquid and easy to trade. They are the better kind of precious metals. Sovereign coins are easy to trade and, most times, sell at higher premiums than bars.

With bullion bars, the transaction costs are higher, and they can be harder to sell back. However, if you were looking for large quantities of precious metals, then bullion bars would be a wise choice.
Yes, because of the thriving precious metal trading industry, Dubai is known as the “City of Gold.” If you are a new investor interested in the gold industry, the Dubai gold market is the place to be. It’s a lucrative market for gold, silver, and diamonds.

You can say that gold is one of Dubai’s most important imports, and it’s become a popular destination for gold buyers.

We’re waiting to show you the lucrative world of precious metals.

It’s Dubai’s amazing geographic location that makes it such a precious metals hotspot. Trading is always open, and it’s the most cost-effective place. APM Bullion is waiting to help you buy and sell precious metals and get the most value for your money as an investor.