APM Bullion

Gold and Silver Bullion

Trusted and experienced

The Best
Bullion Trader
in Dubai

Gold has stood

The test of
thousands of years
as a store of value and
medium of exchange

No other commodity enjoys

As much universal acceptability
and marketability as Gold

Silver is the
Money of

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our heritage

About Us

APM Bullion is trusted and experienced gold and silver bullion trading company based in Dubai, UAE. APM Bullion is registered under commercial license no. 1069660, issued by Dubai Economic Department.

The focus of APM Buillion is to be one of the best precious metal supplier and trader in the UAE. We trade in gold, silver and other precious metal bullion, available in different weights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best quality products, underpinned by 100% trust and transparency. read more...

OUR Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the most trusted and valuable brand in the industry. read more...

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Dubai - City of Gold and APM Bullion

For thousands of years gold has fascinated humankind. It was considered the sun god’s metal in ancient Egypt and in Latin America. It was used to make jewelry, to store value and for many years most currencies around the world were based on gold reserves.

Dubai, known as the ‘City of Gold’, has had a long history with gold and jewelry, starting with its status as a major trading port in the 19th century. Dubai has played a dominant role for centuries in the international physical gold market, a dominance which has grown further over the past decades.

APM Bullion was established to tap into this unique integration of the gold, as in product and Dubai, location being the epicenter of gold.

We work on the principles of reliability, integrity, and credibility, which has allowed us to become one of the competitive, and trustworthy precious metals trading companies in the region.

Our dedicated team are experts in its field. Company is managed by an experienced team of professionals who ensures the highest standards of integrity, ethics, corporate governance, and compliance.